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What is ApoloJitsuTM?


ApoloJitsuTM is a system developed by New York Apologetics to take apologetics to the next level.

It’s one thing to be familiar with apologetic arguments but it is quite another thing to be able to use apologetics in a real life scenario.


Here is an example;

Imagine you were learning how to box. First, you hire a coach and then that coach begins to teach you how to throw a jab, a right cross and a hook.

Once you had become familiar with those punching techniques, he may then have you punch the heavy bag.

All is well so far.

Now, lets imagine that the same coach sends you into the ring to spar with a sparing partner. What is the big difference?

Obviously, the heavy bag doesn’t punch back!

So ApolojitsuTM is really a training system designed to develop and strengthen those who are interested in Apologetics.


Whatever your current level of apologetics training, you will benefit from studying the art of ApoloJitsuTM.